Just a Reminder! 

Your path creates another path for someone else. Someone who needs to hear your testimony. Someone who needs to see your strength. Someone who needs to believe in God again. 
   I often wondered why I was still at my job for so long after praying, crying, seeing the visions of God, and getting spiritually led confirmations from others. I was stressed and started to feel God forgot about me. I began to even lose faith. 

     So focused on the “when” I was blinded and began to neglect the reason of my process. The reason why I was still being groomed and prepared to transition into greatness. Of course God convicted me and that led me to correction. 

    I started to find the paradise in my trial. I started to eliminate all distractions and placed my eyes back on God. You see we get so caught up on ourselves and what we want, we forget what God wants. Let me share with you what God shared with me. 

“My child, I am the master baker. You may know the simple ingredients that goes into your cake but you don’t know the special ingredients that goes into MY cake. If you knew my specialties, would faith longer be a necessity for you?”

So to the person that is having a hard time understanding your process remember God wants to display you. He wants people to walk by and to see the light shining that He placed in you. He wants to draw people to your story. Stop trying to lead God and let Him lead you! 

The year of……

A year ago on this day, God planted me in a new garden to blossom better in His grace. I had been praying for this change for so long but when my prayers actually began to manifest I immediately felt trapped by fear. Fear of living on my own. Fear of change. However I would later discover that this garden would bring new beginnings of restoration. Restoration on various levels. I was no longer alone. I was now in a garden surrounded by the love and grace of God. I was now in a garden full of flowers that God gracefully planted. Flowers of love, flowers of purpose, flowers of healing, flowers of strengths, flowers of peace, and most of all flowers that led me to my destiny. Little by little He restored me, He helped me embrace who I was, He nurtured me, He empowered me to overcome any season I faced, and lastly He gave me the confidence I needed to shine throughout my garden with radiance. So on this day, December 12th, I simply say Thank You God. Thank you planting and growing me!! Happy One Year Anniversary To Me!!! 

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, 

Forgive me for trying to intervene on Your plans for me. Forgive me for doubting You. Doubting Your abilities to change any situation. Continue to help me seek the beauty in my struggles. Continue to convict me because I know it will bring correction. Continue to make me whole. Continue to help me blossom into the woman of God You designed for me to be. 

                          Signed Your Imperfect Child

Seek & You shall Find!

You go through storms because you are being pulled into the wrong directions. He sent you in this storm for you to receive Him. He calms the winds by His presence. He saves you by His grace. The Lord will make himself known in your storm but it’s up to you to seek Him. As you’re going through your storm ask for wisdom to learn the lesson He’s trying to teach you. There is power in you storms.