R.E.N.E.W is an organization that focuses on women restoring, embracing, nurturing, empowering, and winning their confidence back through God. The process of R.E.N.E.W is to

  1. Restore- Restore your confidence through God.
  2. Embrace- Embrace your past, present, and future. Most of all embrace you.
  3. Nurture- Nurture God’s words to rebuild your confidence
  4. Empower- Empower yourself and others from the word of God.
  5. Win- Win your confidence back.

In July of 2015 my life completely hit rock bottom. I was involved in a physical altercation in my last relationship. After the incident occurred all I did was cry, cry, and cry. I felt alone, lost, broken, and confused. Until one day I talked to my coworker and she suggested I start writing my prayers out. So I did. Writing out my prayers led me to building a personal relationship with God. Even though I was fighting a battle daily, I was beginning to renew myself and my confidence through God’s Holy Word. As I continued my walk with God He revealed my purpose, which is to inspire women daily with uplifting reminders. That is how R.E.N.E.W came into place. I want women to know that with God, His love, His mercy, His strength, His forgiveness, and His wisdom, He can R.E.N.E.W you. God can give you the confidence that you need to live your life everyday. I pray that I can be an impact on many women’s lives by doing what God has called me to do. Together we can R.E.N.E.W you.

Author: renew365

Inspiring women daily with encouraging messages!

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