Are you fit for being a wife? 

As women, we often consider ourselves to be “wifey material”. Of course we all want to be married and have that dream wedding that we’ve been dreaming of since we were little girls. We strive to be the perfect girlfriend in which we hope leads to being the perfect wife. When relationships don’t work out, we blame the guy and begin to say, “He lost a good one”. But have you ever stopped and examined the qualities that you lack within yourself? I must say it took me several break ups to finally see that I wasn’t fit for being what I thought was “wifey material”. One I didn’t have a relationship with God, two, I wasn’t fully healed from my past, and three, I lacked confidence in who I was and what I wanted. I’ve been doing some studying on the virtuous wife in Proverbs 31: 10-31 and she is by far the perfect role model of a great wife. She is noble and plays a dominant role in her marriage and in her community. She wears her confidence and dignity with grace. Not only does her husband recognize her confidence but her community also recognizes it. Her confidence is contagious and it stems from the faith she has in God. She is a great wife to her husband and goes above and beyond to provide for her family. She is strong and doesn’t have a problem with taking full responsibilities with helping others in need. Not only does she take care of others, but also she makes time to take care of herself. She has the qualifications in being a great wife. She is supportive, reliable, trusting, and most of all she loves God. She has confidence in God and herself. As women, it’s a must that we take the time to seek God and seek who we truly are. How can we think we’re ready to be a wife, if we don’t know exactly what we want? Not just what we want out of a man but what we want out of life. Take the time to build your relationship with God, build your confidence, build a relationship with yourself, and build the qualifications that you lack. We all want to be a great wife one day so lets all strive to be like the virtuous wife in Proverbs.

Author: renew365

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