Don’t Let Satan Win

For every set back in your life, God is preparing you for the greatest comeback. You have to put your full trust in His doings. Yes, I know it’s hard to fully trust in God, especially when you’re still dealing with the setback. It may seem like I have it all together but I must be honest, discouragement is one of my weaknesses. At times I mostly battle with discouragement when I am closely approaching my breakthrough. When approaching your breakthrough, Satan will begin to blind-side you with discouragement and distractions. He will begin to attack you with things you’re good at. Satan knows he is running out of out. He will use any and everyone to keep you from reaching what God has in store for you. When this is occurring, grab your armor of God and your biggest weapon (prayer) and win your race. God uses his strongest soldiers to fight the toughest battles. Instead of asking God “why me?” ask Him “what do you want me to learn Lord?” God is providing you with the wisdom you need to win your race. Continue to Pray daily. Encourage yourself daily. Read daily. Surround yourself with positive people. Remind Satan you have a race to win. Remind Satan you serve an amazing God and that He is the only one who has the last say so. Do everything to keep Satan away. God is grooming you. He is protecting you from the enemy. God is strengthening you. Remember Philippians 4:13 “I can handle whatever comes my way today through Christ who is my strength”. God is preparing you for your victory trophy. Your breakthrough is near. You’ve come too far to quit now. Remember God is not limited. If He brought you to it then He will bring you through it.

Author: renew365

Inspiring women daily with encouraging messages!

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