Get Ready

 How can you pray for God to bless you with new opportunities and you’re not preparing yourself to receive them? For example you want God to bless you with a new job but you’re not making the steps to apply for new job. Or you want God to bless you with a man of God but you’re not grooming yourself to be a woman of God. How can we pray for a blessing but we don’t want to make the changes needed to receive these blessings?! We have to be willing to make those significant changes in ourselves. Changes that will benefit us once we receive the blessing from God. Changes that will make us better. Changes that will be pleasing to God. By changing yourself, you are agreeing to meeting God halfway. Allow God to transform you. I don’t know about you but I want my blessings! I want to prepare myself for the blessings coming my way. I want to be transformed. We have to strive to become better in order to receive better. God promises are awaiting but are you willing to change? Are you preparing yourself to be better? You know that famous saying “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready” Get Ready NOW! Get ready for what God is about to deliver! 

Author: renew365

Inspiring women daily with encouraging messages!

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