Tag You’re It. 

We are all running this race we call life. The good thing is we have the worlds greatest coach, God. I want you to know that the race you are running is for a purpose. You are aiming for a prize but not just any prize. Your prize is not an ordinary medal that will get lost over time. Your prize is a crown that will last forever. A crown from God. Stop half running your race and start running your race wholeheartedly. There will be hurdles so if you need to stop on the side to get advice from your coach, do so. God will supply you with the water(strength) & a playbook(knowledge) on how to win your race. Whatever crisis we face God already has the solution in mind. Remember God is able to provide solutions to our problems long before we are aware of them. Your coach is rooting for you even when no one else is. You know what’s even better, you will not be disqualified because God arms are always open. When you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up because He is a forgiving God. So keep running your race & allow God to coach you. Your crown is waiting! 

Author: renew365

Inspiring women daily with encouraging messages!

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