The year of……

A year ago on this day, God planted me in a new garden to blossom better in His grace. I had been praying for this change for so long but when my prayers actually began to manifest I immediately felt trapped by fear. Fear of living on my own. Fear of change. However I would later discover that this garden would bring new beginnings of restoration. Restoration on various levels. I was no longer alone. I was now in a garden surrounded by the love and grace of God. I was now in a garden full of flowers that God gracefully planted. Flowers of love, flowers of purpose, flowers of healing, flowers of strengths, flowers of peace, and most of all flowers that led me to my destiny. Little by little He restored me, He helped me embrace who I was, He nurtured me, He empowered me to overcome any season I faced, and lastly He gave me the confidence I needed to shine throughout my garden with radiance. So on this day, December 12th, I simply say Thank You God. Thank you planting and growing me!! Happy One Year Anniversary To Me!!! 

Author: renew365

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One thought on “The year of……”

  1. Yes!! Change is somewhat scary, but once we trust God with all our hearts, everything will be added to us. Happy One Year Anniversary To You. Your garden is going to blossom even more. Be blessed!


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