Seek & You shall Find!

You go through storms because you are being pulled into the wrong directions. He sent you in this storm for you to receive Him. He calms the winds by His presence. He saves you by His grace. The Lord will make himself known in your storm but it’s up to you to seek Him. As you’re going through your storm ask for wisdom to learn the lesson He’s trying to teach you. There is power in you storms. 

You have to change before your circumstances can change. Many times God uses our circumstances to drive us closer to him. What God has done in you by his grace and mercy, is a gift to us that you receive only by faith. The path of righteousness grows brighter and brighter everyday. You are changing in His image from glory to glory. You are in the process of being changed. God is not upset that you have not arrived yet. He sees that you’re making the effort to change. Don’t let guilt hold you back. God lives in you & He knows your heart. Although you are not where you need to be, be thankful that you’re not where you used to be. Change can be initially frightening but eventually refreshing! 


I was 26 years old when God came to me and said ” you’re about to give birth to a new life”. Immediately I began to worry. All the what if’s came into my mind. “What if I’m not fit, what if I fail”. I asked Him “are you sure it’s me you want?”. I simply wasn’t ready. For months He gracefully transformed me, preparing me for what was coming. There were times when I was stubborn but He remained patient. When I doubted if I could uphold the purpose He had for me, He poured confidence into me. During these month, He taught me how to love and forgive. He was simply stripping me from my old habits. Before I knew it, it was birthing season. It was time for labor. This new life that God prepared me for was now here. This new life, was my new life. All I could do was cry & thank Him for this blessing. For saving me. For giving me a second chance at life. Healed from my scars from this transformation, I was now ready to fulfill my purpose. On that day, I was REBIRTH! 

Accept You

I am not perfect. I am not holier than thou. I am still healing. I am still learning who I am. I am still building my faith. I am still learning how to completely trust God. I am still learning how to forgive. I am still learning how to react out of the spirit and not the flesh. I am still broken in certain areas. I am still learning how to control my attitudes. I am still learning how to control the things I say. I am still learning not to judge people but to see the value in people. I am still learning not to complain but to praise. I still have my days when I feel like going back to my old ways. I am not ashamed of who I am. God is working on me and through me. I am not perfect.