Thank You for being God! 

Lord Thank you for another day!! Thank you for another chance. Thank you for never leaving. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for covering me. Thank you for being there when I felt alone. When i felt like giving up you wouldn’t let me. You pushed me Lord. Thank you!! You provided me with strength when i felt empty. When I felt weak. When i didn’t understand. You kept me. I was mad at you & you still forgave me. Thank you Lord. I praise you. I love you. Thank you for forgiving me Lord. No one else brought me through. No one else wiped my tears. You carried me Lord. I surrender to you. Whatever you want me to do. I will do it Lord. Thank you!!! 

It’s your Season! 

If all you do is think, eat, sleep, & dream your purpose then it’s time to start committing to it. Once God delivers and directs you to your purpose, it’s time to put 100% effort into achieving it! Be hungry for your purpose. Believe in your purpose. Accomplish your purpose. Refuse to settle. Don’t allow discouragement to hold you back. Satan will try to hinder you but stand firm and walk with confidence. When you have confidence in God & yourself, you won’t allow Satan or others to take over. Keep your faith!! You got this 🤗

Don’t Lose Your Praise

Often times we may wonder how we can give such great advice to family, friends, etc. but cant quite take or own advice. Or we often wonder how we can provide strength and encouragement to those in need but we’re seeking that same uplifting spirit from God. God will use us to be the vessel, the voice, or the motivator to minister to those around us. It’s not our job to question but it’s our job to listen. It’s our job to take the task the Lord assigned to us and fulfill it to the best of our abilities. It’s not always about what can we get but it’s about what can we give. Take Philippians 4:4-7 for example. The apostle Paul wrote a letter to the city of Philippi encouraging them to stay faithful to God through this storm their church was getting ready to go through. Now the whole time Paul was uplifting the city, he was in jail waiting to be executed. Imagine how he felt. Being in jail, encouraging others to rejoice in The Lord, and remaining positive in his situation knowing he was innocent. Would you have been able to keep your sanity and still trust in God knowing you were innocent? Would you be able to encourage others knowing you were in jail? I can honestly say no. I would be so selfish and probably even be upset with God. It would be hard for all of us but we have to remember God is able and He promised us that He will be with us always. During your storm, continue to be the strength for someone else going through a storm. God will use you to minister to others. The challenge is being obedient and patient while praying for others. Reminding others to get along and be thankful in all that God is doing to you. Paul reminded the city not to be anxious about anything (verse 6) meaning, don’t stress over what you can’t control. Allow God to take over. God will calm your spirit, provide you with peace, and will guard your hearts through every obstacles (verse 7). Stop worrying about what God or someone can do for you and worry about how you can be a blessing to someone else.    

Monday Prayer 

Lord thank You for another week, another day, another chance to walk with You. Thank You for continuously blessing us even when we was undeserving. Lord we all are going through a storm, rather it’s big or small but I pray that you keep us strong because we know our breakthrough is approaching. Lord You are our shepherd, continue to direct us on the righteous path. We will have days when we will fall short. We will have days that our flesh will try to take over us. Anything the flesh has to offer, we know it’s all temporary but You Lord are everlasting. Cover us Lord in the blood that You shed for us. Thank You for Your mercy & Your forgiving heart. We love You. In Your name Amen. 

Continue to Seek Your Purpose 

We are all born with a purpose. It was already written by God. It’s up to us to seek our purpose through Him. As we prepare to walk with God He will equip us with the right amount of armor to begin our spiritual journey. During our walk, our faith will be tested such as dealing with temptation, negativity, distractions, financial difficulties, grieve, love, etc to name a few. It’s up to us to use God as our weapon to fight through them. You must keep your faith in God. During and after your obstacles praise His Name. Magnify 
His love. There will be days when you want to quit & give up but think about everything you will be gaining! You will be gaining the word of God, strength, wisdom, understanding, love & forgiveness! Gods promises are magnificent! Gods promises are real!! Keep walking, keep praying, keep praising, and keep trusting. Claim your victory! 

He gets ALL the Glory! 

My grace, It’s because of Him. My faith, It’s because of Him. My confidence, It’s because of Him. My wisdom, It’s because of Him. My love, It’s because of Him. My growth, It’s because of Him. My spirit, It’s because of Him. My determination, It’s because of Him. My strength, It’s because of Him. My smile, It’s because of Him. My gift, It’s because of Him. My life, It’s because of Him. I am who I am because of Him. He gets all the Praise!!!

Let Go!!

Let go of what’s blocking you from receiving your blessings. Rather it’s an addiction, a man, worry, or guilt. God said He will meet you half way. Take those steps to see what God has in store for you! Trust in His doings. His purpose for you will be great. Man can’t show your purpose. Man can’t direct you to your future. Let go & Let God! God can give you the strength to get through anything. Yes making that first step is hard but once you start walking, trust me you won’t look back! Proverbs 16: 3 says “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Start committing to the Lord!!! YOUR RACE BEGINS NOW!!!